What is the real message in the Book of Job? The conventional interpretation goes something like this: Bad things happen to good people so don’t question God, just buck up and bear it. If it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger.

In Pray for Your Friends, Joe Tye makes the case that there is a more sublime, more empowering, and ultimately more human message. It’s the message embodied in God’s final instruction to his servant Job: Pray for your friends.

This book will give solace and strength to anyone struggling through a time of trials. God’s message from the Book of Job is not just about patience and endurance, it is about compassion and community. It’s about the prayer that saved Job, and that just might save you as well.

Joe Tye is the author of previous books on personal motivation, leadership, and organizational culture. He and his wife Sally live on a small farmstead in Iowa and their second home is a tent in the Grand Canyon.